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Will Boyce - Professional Geek


wrboyce [--admin network|systems] [--contributor] [--developer] [--hacker] [--other]


Will is an experienced, accomplished software engineer with over a decade commercial experience, and a passionate security analyst/engineer; a self confessed geek with an enthusiastic and dedicated attitude who enjoys proof of concept challenges. Technical polyglot with the ability to pick up new languages, frameworks, and tools. Competent and professional remote worker with excellent communication, well accustomed to working as part of worldwide virtual teams.


Admin Network

Deep understanding of network stack and network security best practices, experienced with network analysis, using tools such as tcpdump, tshark/wireshark, etc. Familiarity with configuration and management of Cisco IOS, BSD pf and Linux iptables based systems.

Admin Systems

Extensive experience with the configuration, hardening, and maintenance of Debian-based Linux distributions, FreeBSD, and macOS.
Ability to deploy core Linux infrastructure such as DNS servers, web/applications servers.

Experienced in rapid deployment and configuration management technologies such as Ansible, including bespoke Ansible development.

Deep familiarity with all-things AWS, particularly CloudFront, CloudTrail, EC2, S3, IAM, and Route53.


Authored and published a variety of projects such as ec2hashcat, hueman, Sirious, mkproject, and Erb.

Contributor to many Open Source projects such as pfSense, and Django.

Supporter of The Free Software Foundation, The Apache Software Foundation, The Python Software Foundation, and The Open Rights Group.


Expert Python engineer with well over a decade experience and intimate knowledge of the standard library and language internals, including development of Python extensions using C; deeply familiar with the Django web framework.

Deep understanding of JavaScript and Node.js, with experience ranging from server implementations to web based API front ends using frameworks such as Angular2.

Passionate Erlang developer with many years experience building scalable and resilient systems, most notably in the telecommunications industry.

Strong Swift knowledge used primarily in the development of mobile iOS applications, with minimal macOS-specific experience.

C enthusiast with moderate experience developing a variety of applications and systems, from embedded systems and microcontrollers to Linux kernel modules.

Knowledgeable of various flavours of Assembly; ARM, AVR, Intel, and familiar with the relevant internal workings (registers, etc).

Competent database developer with knowledge of SQL; particularly MySQL and PostgreSQL, and "NoSQL" such as MongoDB and CouchDB.

Keen interest in Rust, and always happy to learn interesting technologies.


Ardent masters student of computer security & forensics; passionate reverse engineer and enjoys practical security research. Frequent success in boot2coot/ctf/security challenges such as cryptopals, microcorruption, and VulnHub.


Hobbyist photographer, keen baker, small time brewer, amateur maker, and wobbly cyclist.


Flamboycent Limited (April 2010 - Present)

Entrepreneurial consultancy with a focus on security analysis and secure application development taking on a variety of challenging and interesting roles.

Solutions Engineer @ VORARI (January 2008 - December 2011)

VORARI is a consulting and professional services provider of managed cloud, collaboration and digital media services, offering and specialising in VMWare Zimbra SaaS deployments, turnkey VAS services, and telecommunications consultancy; responsibilities included:

Lead Developer @ Newsco Insider (November 2007 - April 2010)

Lead a small team and coordinated with external providers to build and maintain a number of projects including the external website and various internal web applications related to print and digital publishing; ad and asset management, customer/subscriber management, newsletter generation, editorial systems, financial performance trackers, etc.
Additional duties have involved assisting with IT support, network management and infrastructure upkeep/operations. Systems consisted of Windows Server and Debian Linux servers with Windows XP and macOS Workstations, located across seven national offices.

Technical Lead @ National Clamps (November 2006 - October 2007)

Upkeep of the company's infrastructure, which consisted of a Windows 2003 Server and a Linux Server and many XP Workstations. Development of bespoke PHP/MySQL backend software to facilitate the daily tasks of tracking wheel clamps and parking tickets alongside handling the accounts including invoice management and cheque printing. Development of a VB/C#.NET ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) Application to handle the real-time automatic issuing of parking tickets using the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) database.

Freelance Developer (May 2004 - November 2006)


MSc Advanced Security & Digital Forensics (2014 - Present)

Edinburgh Napier University

This course focused on the areas of securing computer, network and communications systems, incident response, and the forensic investigation of digital devices and networks, imparting knowledge in all the key areas of computing cyber security, both defensive and offensive, as well as post incident response. The digital forensic aspects of the course included network and computer forensics, offering development of the knowledge required to conduct computer-related investigations across networks, systems, and other digital devices. Modules included:


Do you have any references?

Yes, references are available on request.

What's with the weird layout?

The design of this page is heavily inspired by Unix Man Pages because they are a time-proven format for formatting documentation (and the idea appealed to my inner geek).

Is this document available in other formats?

Yep! A PDF is available here.

Are you available for work?

Most probably! Get in touch and I'm sure we can work something out.

Will you relocate to ...?

Most probably not, I'm afraid; I have commitments that cannot be moved. I am however well versed in working as part of, and orchestrating, a geographically distributed team.

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